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SMYM - Flag



The colour of the SMYM flag is same as that of the papal flag - yellow at the top and bottom and white at the centre. In the centre of the white portion, SMYM emblem is imprinted.

Measures and Divisions

3 feet long and 2 feet wide.

Yellow colour

Both at the top and bottom, the flag has yellow colour of 6 inches width and 3 feet length. This colour shows the attachment of Syro Malabar Youth to church.

White colour

Between the yellow borders the flag has white colour of 3 feet length and 1 foot width. It shows that by the saintly and joyful life the youth leads with church, they are called to be beacons in the society.


In the right center of the white in the flag, SMYM emblem of 10 inches diameter is printed.


The Syro Malabar Youth across the world are expected to lead a life as witness to Jesus in Catholic Church and very particularly in the Syro Malabar Church. They are called to lead a saintly and happy life thus to excel themselves in the world around.